Darren 26HS7152 UK

I currently live in the UK  the pandemic stalls my travel, I am a Hamsphere Radio Operator that welcomes any topics or  communications. I reside in the England and Cuba, I am working on introducing the system to many in the Caribbean when internet is more advanced in this location, my languages are English/F Cuba/Spanish, my interests are travel and coffee, I am to open a Restaurant and Coffee shop in the near future its now on hold, my interest in coffee started in the late 90s, I am quite the expert in this area, from the bean to cup is the title of my book, I have worked for Segafredo Zanetti and Kimbo, Italia, helping thousands in the Caribbean, UK and European Countries with Business Development and Barista Training. I came out of the Industry in 2016 when I preferred a different direction but its never left me.

Hamsphere is good for me to expand my Radio experience and knowledge, it works good for me in many ways, firstly its an education and window for learning radio, I have not much time really to install large antennas and the system is here on my two internet systems and with the digital antennas I use I can reach most countries with ease, there are many great people out there and there is always room for a modulation of friendly similar to myself, I love different cultures and I think its important to keep in touch and to voice ideas that may even change understanding for the better.

I am always around I welcome communications worldwide, Hamsphere maybe you could suggest or  ask NASA or the ISS to set up there system to communicate through Hamsphere that would be good, to speak with us down here and a challenge pile up maybe as they fly over head at great speed would be interesting and add to a challenge maybe.

I wish Everyone Good Health and Happiness and to Enjoy Hamsphere..

Speak Soon Darren KP… Enjoy life everyone,